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12 set 2023

Navigating the climate index jungle – Climate benchmarks and their personalities

Climate has become the largest dedicated investment theme within the ESG universe and Net Zero is hard-wiring climate ambition into investment strategies. We explore the climate index benchmark jungle to reveal the trade-offs between carbon intensity reduction, decarbonization targets, tracking errors, sector exclusions, and whether or not investments are aiming to capture opportunities from the low-carbon transition.

Xtrackers Insights
20 ago 2023

EM Local Government Bonds – From de-dollarization to diversification

EM local bonds remain an "under-owned" and "under-appreciated" asset class at a time when access to diversified fixed income is more important than ever. Against a backdrop of slowing inflation and a weakening US dollar, foreign investors may want to reassess the asset class, which has undergone a significant transformation as underlying economies have matured, reduced their dependence on developed markets or raw materials exports.

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01 feb 2023

2023 – The Great Re-Allocation

In 2023, investors are faced with the emergence of a new world order in the investment landscape, characterized by unprecedented challenges that require a more granular and selective approach to asset allocation. Three key peaks associated with globalization, inflation, and ESG are driving this shift. In this note, we focus on the ETF-minded investor and provide insight on how to capitalize on current market shifts and growth drivers.

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18 ago 2022

Innovative technologies - End of a craze or start of a secular growth trend?

In an inflation-hit environment with mediocre growth prospects and high geo-political uncertainties, thematic ETFs could now, more than ever, provide a useful performance boost to core portfolios. In this brochure, we remind investors of the fundamental trends behind innovation growth stories, but also drill down into a possible breakdown of innovative technologies and show how innovation-focused investments could be integrated into investors’ portfolios depending on risk appetite.

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01 gen 2022

Three tales of inflation: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Fuelled by the Covid recovery, monthly inflation figures have reached highs that were unheard of in the last twenty years. 2021 was arguably a textbook case of what could be called “good inflation”. For 2022 investors may consider inflation becoming more of an enemy than a friend. We revisit the conventional wisdom to assess the role of different asset classes in environments with rising inflation rates. Looking ahead, we suggest three representative scenarios, that already expressed themselves to some extent in 2021, and that could drive asset class returns against an inflationary background in the months to come.

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