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Investors should note that the Xtrackers ETFs & ETCs are not capital protected or guaranteed and investors in each Xtrackers ETF or ETC should be prepared and able to sustain losses up to the total capital invested. The value of an investment in an Xtrackers ETF or ETC may go down as well as up and past performance does not predict future returns. Investment in Xtrackers ETFs or ETCs involve risks. For a list of related risks please click on the Risks and Terms tab.

Deutsche Wins Best ETF House Award

Deutsche Wins Best ETF House Award

Deutsche Bank was voted Europe’s best Exchange Traded Funds provider by Structured Products magazine in their annual awards announced in November 2009.

“Deutsche Bank was the new kid on the block in exchange-traded funds (ETF) at the start of 2007, but is now one of the leading providers in Europe. By the middle of this year, it claimed a 15.8% market share in assets under management (AUM), and an even more impressive 27.2% share of exchange and over-the-counter trading volumes, according to figures from Deutsche Börse. The bank boasts EUR 24 billion of AUM and in the past year has listed on five European exchanges and launched around 30 products.” (Source: Structured Products magazine, November 2009)

Xtrackers most notable innovation this year is the creation of the first hedge fund ETF to offer investors exposure to a basket of hedge funds. Already equipped with many of the standard, ‘me too’ ETF products, Deutsche was an early advocate for innovation. These advances had included the first money market ETF as well as the first ETF on short indices. Innovation in the last 12 months has also included carbon, currency and commodity-based ETFs.
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