Deutsche Bank Voted Best ETF Provider By German Investors


Xtrackers, Deutsche Bank’s Exchange Traded Funds platform, won the prestigious “Best ETF Provider” award in Extra magazine’s annual awards last month.

Extra Magazine’s award was given to the ETF provider that received the most number of votes from a panel of 17 brokers and fund managers, and Extra Magazine readers. Deutsche received the most votes overall, and also won two of the five individual categories: best website, and most innovative ETF provider. Extra Magazine is a highly respected financial magazine that specialises in the ETF market, and is widely read by German investors. In its write up on the awards it praised Deutsche Bank for bringing new ETF products to the market such as the first ETF linked to hedge funds and the first ETF linked to currency investment strategies. Extra also praised the bank’s commitment to the market, and the detailed information it offered to clients on its website and the functionality of the site.

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