db X-trackers Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) are listed funds from Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management that track an underlying, often a benchmark index. They combine the advantages of listed stocks and funds in one product. db X-trackers ETFs can be traded in the same way as any other stock exchange traded security and are transparent, low cost and efficient. European-domiciled db X-trackers ETFs are set up as UCITS compliant funds. Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management has expertise in creating both indirect and direct replication ETFs.
The db X-trackers ETF business was launched in January 2007, is among the five largest ETF providers in the world, and ranks as the second largest provider in Europe by assets under management (Source: Deutsche Bank, Bloomberg Finance LP, Reuters, August 2013).
db X-trackers ETFs cover a broad range of markets and asset classes, including a number of industry firsts, such as the first money market ETF in Europe, the first credit ETF in Europe, the first currency ETF and the first hedge fund index ETF globally.
db X-trackers ETFs cover the following asset classes:

  • Equities ( long and short)
  • Bonds (long and short)
  • Credit (long and short)
  • Money Market
  • Currencies (FX)
  • Commodities
  • Alternative asset classes (Volatility, Hedge Funds, Inflation Swap)

db X-trackers ETFs are a flexible investment tool that can be used for a variety of portfolio management and trading purposes.
db X-trackers ETFs are listed on different exchanges across Europe, Asia and the US:
European domiciled db X-trackers ETFs:

  • Milano - Borsa Italiana
  • Frankfurt - Xetra
  • Paris - Euronext
  • London Stock Exchange
  • Zurich - SIX Swiss Exchange
  • Stockholm – Nasdaq OMX
  • Madrid Stock Exchange - BME
  • Singapore - SGX-ST
  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange

US domiciled db X-trackers ETFs:

  • New York Stock Exchange

and are supported by multiple market makers.



There are 3 ways to trade db X-trackers ETFs